The Butterfly Cooke and Deaton Summer School has been established for many years, beginning in 2001.

Back in 2001, both Nicola and Alan decided to work together to provide what they saw as the best possible week of Table Tennis coaching put together in a social and practical environment that was suitable for all ages and abilities. They had worked together considerably prior to this as Alan was coach for the Women’s national team that Nicola was a member of and also Nicola’s personal coach for over ten years.

Grantham College was the chosen venue due to the central location within England, and being easily accessible just off the A1. It is also equipped with excellent residential and catering facilities.

A team of highly qualified coaches and players were recruited to provide a feast of professional and knowledgeable expertise along with 18 top class Butterfly tables in the large sports hall.

That was the beginning of what has become Britain’s best and most up to date Summer School.

The course caters for all standards and is unique in that it provides international standard practice partners as well as the chance to test and improve your skills at multiball, a training technique used by all national and international squads.

Over many years we have recruited a number of different sporting specialists including top psychologists, physiologists, performance analysts and dieticians to educate the participants on various important aspects of the game.

There are a number of tournaments throughout the week long course with quality prizes awarded on the presentation night. Throughout the week long stay, players will improve their game by using methods such as video analysis, fitness training, 1-2-1 personal training, tactical analysis and player profiles. As part of the course, each person will receive their own player profile, which is an analysis of their game put together by the team of coaches.

At the end of a day of training, the evenings provide an opportunity to relax and socialise with some of the top players in the country and your course-mates, with other evening entertainment including a barbecue and quiz night, ten pin bowling, an awards evening complete with talent show and a very popular Coaches Challenge Match featuring a selection of Britain's current elite players.

Some of the players you may have the opportunity to watch in action include: Kelly Sibley, David McBeath, Gavin Evans, Emma Vickers, Matt Ware, Adam Harrison, Karina Le Fevre and more.